Monday, November 24, 2008

Gotta Get the Bird!

I think this happened last time it was my turn to host Thanksgiving.

Our system is that the host does the turkey and gravy, and the guests bring most of the side dishes. Since Thanksgiving food was designed to be eaten cold anyway, with hot gravy on top, it doesn't really matter if the dishes cool off while being transported.

Two years ago I had everything purchased in advance, and had washed off the good china and located the white tablecloths. Everything was pretty much on track till I realized (on Tuesday) I'd not yet bought the turkey. Alas, the stores only had frozen ones available at that point.

I won't embellish things by telling of frantically using blow-dryers to thaw the bird. But it WAS a little scary and I didn't mind when some of the younger (and more medically vulnerable) guests passed on turkey and filled up on potatoes and corn.

Guess I'll be up early Tuesday, starting the search for the last remaining fresh turkey in all of Atlanta. Wish me luck!